Here is some information on how and why we work, and some of the things we do.

Our story

Bradford People First was started in 1993 by a few people with learning disabilities who knew that some changes had to be made to make things more equal for themselves and all people with learning disabilities.

The group now has around 25 members who work in the office and around 60 members who support us in the community.

Bradford People First employs a Co-ordinator who supports staff to help the groups in making the lives of people with learning disabilities better in the Bradford district and throughout the country.

How and why we work

Self advocacy means speaking up for yourself. This could be about problems you are not happy with, or things you think need changing in your life.

At Bradford People First we work together as an advocacy group and speak up for ourselves and other people with learning disabilities. By working together we help not just our members and ourselves, but others in the community with learning disabilities.

Our aims

One of our main aims, is making the lives of people with learning disabilities better in Bradford and throughout the country.

Our group is run by members with learning disabilties

Some of our members are on our Management Committee. The Management Committee make important decisions about things like what funding to apply for. The group employs a Coordinator and support staff.

The Management committee are all members with a learning disability and they meet at least every 2 months and make decisions or changes for the group.

The Management committee are made up of members who have different jobs like a Secretary, Treasurer , Chair and vice-chairperson.

The support staff we employ work on projects with the members, which the group decides are important in improving the lives of people with a learning disability.