We train professionals and businesses to make their services more accessible for people with learning disabilities.

We also work with Bradford Council on these problems and advise them on ways of understanding how we can all communicate together in an accessible way.


Raising awareness, speaking up and improving understanding of issues which affect people with learning disabilities in Bradford.

We are working on how the cuts have affected the lives of people with learning disabilities, like benefit changes and important areas around the cuts. We train and raise awareness in these areas to make things more accessible.

Hate Crime and Mate Crime

We have trained 400 front line Police officers how to recognise a Hate Crime and a Disability Hate Crime.

We have also trained Local Councillors on exactly what a Hate Crime is and how they can stop it happening within Bradford. We have also trained all the Police receptionists within Bradford, who are the people that you first see when you visit a Police Station. We have trained them on how to recognise when someone is actually reporting a Hate Crime. We have also been into schools to train students on how to recognise and report a hate crime.

Self Advocacy

Speaking to professionals and people with learning disabilities in the community and helping everyone understand how to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. We talk to people with learning disabilities about things that are important like:

  • Where they live
  • Respite
  • We talk to the big bosses about what people with learning disabilities have said

Health Work

Our Health work aims to make sure people with learning disabilities get the right support and same chances as everyone else with their health.

We work with people with learning disabilities, carers, health workers and professionals.

Please contact us on 01274 744151.