Citizenship Project

10612678_631266890325900_2994903813847156093_nWe are the Citizenship project funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery fund. This project is for people with learning disabilities to teach them to become valued and active members of their local community. The project runs Monday to Friday.

It involves, speaking up, campaigning and training.


What is the project about?

The Citizenship project is about people with learning disabilities being seen as a valued part of the local community. People sometimes think that people with learning disabilities don’t ‘put into’ society but ‘take from it’. They are seen as not contributing.

We want to change that view!


We do this by?

Running the Citizenship course

People with learning disabilities who attend the course will learn about Citizenship and Laws, why we have them, how the country is run, voting, local council, MPs and lots more.

The course is put together by people with learning disabilities, who then go out and do the teaching. This course is accredited which means you get a certificate and it is a recognised qualification.

Shared Voice Forums…

This is a big or small meeting where people with learning disabilities get a chance to speak up about what life is like for them.  These forums are run by people with a learning disability. As well as getting other people with learning disabilities involved we go out to people or they can come to us. We talk about what is good in people lives and what they would like to change.

Action group

In 2015 we set up the ‘action group’ which is part of the Citizenship project. This group campaigns about issues that come up in our Shared Voice forums or on the Citizenship course.

We have done a lot of work putting together a survey to find out about what people with learning disabilities think about the support they get. We went out and spoke to over 70 people. Here is a link to our final report. Support Survey Report.


If you would like to get involved in any way with the Citizenship course, Shared Voice forums or Action group then contact us on 01274 744151 or email: