Campaign Group

 The Campaign Group runs all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We have different members coming in each day to run the project.  We Campaign because we want people with learning disabilities to have the same chances and be treated fairly like everybody else. We stand up for the rights of people with learning disabilities and make sure our voice gets heard.

This is the right for people with learning disabilities to be treated fairly, to be heard, to speak up, to have choices, to live our lives as we want.

We campaign in lots of different ways such as working with different services and letting big bosses know what people with learning disabilities need and how to make their services better. We also write to our MP’s and Councillors and Petition when we need to.  We make people with learning disabilities more aware about things that affect them such as Voting or changes to Services through training, making easy read information  or through the newspaper. 

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If you want to get in touch with the campaigns group then please email